Sea Online is an interactive network that allows customers to have control on cost and quality of container maintenance & repair work. This system uses the unlimited potential of e-commerce to provide a secured international data exchange platform.


  1. To create an interactive network for all users to exchange electronic data easily and safely.
  2. To enhance user’s operational efficiency in the container logistic industry
    • Provide a Easy-to-Use platform for customers to view & approve Estimate of Repair with Pictures
    • Provide an Easy-to-Use platform for depots to input information into the system.
  3. To achieve cost savings throughout the whole logistic chain.


  • Two kind of access

Ř       Install based software – Fast Input

Ř       Internet Explorer – Easy access for common user

  • A comprehensive digital photo database to track virtually all damages while allowing a transparent approval process to users
  • A centralized database that maintain comprehensive information of container "history data”
  • ISO data coding format for input
  • Total costs attributable to each responsible party
  • 24/7 paperless approval process to users
  • Auto tariff calculation of each damage item (upcoming feature)
  • Data integration between Sea Online and user's internal system (optional)

Benefits for Shipping Line


  • Provide direct overall control and monitoring of cost and work details with pictures, from headquarters and regional offices
  • Improve accuracy of authorization procedure with digital pictures
  • Reduces disputes by sharing digital pictures of damages
  • Reduces data transmission costs – Fax/Telephone
  • Reduces administrative workload at local, regional and headquarters office
  • Eliminates paperwork, thus providing an environmental friendly solution, enhance e-commerce image.

Long Term

  • Reduces repair cycle time and at the same time increases equipment utilization, resulting in lower capital cost.
  • Centralized database enable users to provide extensive management reports
  • Data with digital pictures provides a complete history of container
  • Enable users to trace for prior improper repair, duplicate repair and warranty claim control
  • Internet enables worldwide access and enhances organization flexibility

Benefits for Depot

Short Term

  • Provide overall control and monitoring of cost and work details with pictures
  • Reduces the disputes with customers by sharing pictures of damages, therefore minimizing associated container handlings
  • Ultimate user friendliness for inputting estimate data, improve individual estimator productivity
  • No specialized capital investment (Windows 98 or newer compatible) and reasonable running cost
  • Reduces data transmission costs – Fax/Telephone
  • Reduces administrative workload
  • Eliminates paperwork, lead to environmental friendly solution and enhance e-commerce image

Long Term

·         Reduce repair cycle time, container handling and operation cost



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